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Tools For Tomorrow

DD PDR TOOLS is working on innovative tools that will help technicians to produce more effectively and efficiently. We are proud to say that we are accomplishing this by manufacturing here in the USA, so that we can help our economy grow. 

  • Great Quality

    We did not compromise the quality of our products, all are great quality with fantastic durability. Holding up to 135 lbs. in weight. 

  • Technician Approved

    Our product has been tested and approved by professionals in the PDR industry, there is no tool out there like it. 

  • Made in the USA

    Helping our economy grow, all our parts and products are manufactured 100%  in the USA. 


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How much weight does the Hanger hold?

Our hanger has been tested with up to 135 lbs. with no problem. Can it hold more? It probably can but we encourage to always be safe while using any tool. 

How many Bars come with the Hanger?

When you purchase the Double D Hanger, we include the 6" bar with your purchase. However, there is also a 12" bar that you may purchase separately. 

Does it only come in Black?

We also have the option of a blue or red Hanger for purchase? 

How soon can I expect my Hanger?

 We ask that you allow 1-3 business days to fulfill orders. 

You should receive a tracking number once you place order which will give you the estimated delivery that after the order has been fulfilled.